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About Director Sean Soares

The greater Fresno area has been my home since I was born, and I truly love my town. I was a teacher
for 13 years and have turned my passion for helping kids succeed in school to helping people achieve
their goals of home ownership. We are committed to our community and making a difference of the
lives of those around us!

The Value of Being a Part of the Program
Acts of Kindness
Leadership Skills
Vocation Introduction
Building Partnerships
Work Experience
Community Involvement
Life-Long Skills

About MyTown

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

The MyTown Leadership Program serves to develop and enhance leadership qualities of the already established leaders as deemed by their coaches, teachers, administrators, or peers. The goal is not to create a singular type of leader, but a diverse team of leaders that can work and thrive together with the common goal of uplifting the people around them.


MyTown Team

Who– Capable leaders at the chosen Institution .  

What– Leadership Program designed to create leaders in their community.

Where– At home, at work, and in the community

When– Participants will plan their own schedules based on which level they want to achieve 

Why-Teaching Participants how the value of leadership, and how to lead with love.



MyTown Team

We are trying to select a group of young adults who have the potential for the greatest impact on those around them. The best was to do this is by working as a team with the people closest to them in their leadership capacities.  By working as a team with mentors and peers, those selected will be encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities of the program and be given the support to accomplish the goals they set forth.


MyTown Team Requirements

Requirements have been carefully selected to serve as the fundamental baseline for the prospective leadership program applicants.  These requirements signify applicants are working towards self-improvement and that they have shown the necessary qualities to be leaders in their community.  Leaders are recognized by a number of different sources and every one them plays a vital role in their growth.  The recruitment process will begin with specified adult recommendations, but extended to Team members who recognize leadership abilities among their peers.

 Displays the Six Pillars of Character

-Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship

-Administrator/Teacher/Coach/Teammate Recommendation

Verified by MyTown

-3 References

One parent, one teacher, and one other 

-Goal Sheet

See Attached

-Application Form

See Attached

-Liability Release


We require all volunteers, Directors and adult participants to acquire and present LiveScan screenings to OurTown prior to completing the application process. This is a requirement; please do not proceed without this vital step in this process.

To find a LiveScan office near you, please entire "livescan in [your state]" into your search engine browser.

There are fees to process LiveScan. Please contact us right away if this cost is prohibitive to you helping our Program. 


This Leadership Program Reports to a Director
Please submit your professional and volunteer resumes and references to action@ourtownfoundation.org with the subject: MYTOWN

Two interviews required; Executive Director or Chairman of Governing Board and the Director of this Program; Skype or Zoom or in-person, if feasible. 


Once we get to this step, we ask that you take one FREE assessment & one FREE online courses:

The Tony Robbins DISC assessment is not a pass/fail - it is to ensure we match personalities to the best of our abilities for all involved in this project.

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN FREE DISC ASSESSMENT; takes approximately 15 minutes

Tim Ballard has a phenomenal organization and we believe in finding needs and filling needs, not reinventing the wheel. Please take this course 

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN OPERATION UNDERGROUND RESCUE'S SIGNS OF TRAFFICKING TRAINING COURSE"; if you're able, please consider making a donation to this course and Tim Ballard's Mission.