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About Director CJ Dunning

CJ Dunning has a Major in Pre-Law & Criminology; Minor in Sociology & Political science from Northern Arizona University.  During my time spent in Flagstaff, Arizona I became a competitive bodybuilder ultimately placing WBFF pro now

Professional Women’s Tackle Football player with the X League, playing Corner Back & Safety for Denver Rush.  

Founder The Under Ceej, and Operation Under Ceej,

pending 501(c)(3) Child Trafficking Rescue & Recovery
2x Death Match Champ
Former WWE/NXT Diva

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About Under Ceej

The TV Channel hosted by the Director of this Program which actively works with children, runaways, victims and workers must be protected by privacy; it is of the utmost importance and sensitivity that we have this platform separate from our site that screens and supports those willing to work within this area. 

The resources required to do this type of work are not for the faint of heart or the sensitive: WARNING, The Under Ceej TV contains EXPLICIT MATERIAL, interviews and actual events. 

A portion of the proceeds from this platform gives back to OurTown where the important screening and documentation for those willing to volunteer in this Program can be done. 



Operation Under Ceej

This Mentorship program is for individuals seeking to work on the front lines, often 24/7, odd hours and under stressful circumstances.

Our goal is to have Mental Health Counselors actively assist with the Volunteers who opt into this program.

We are hosting a fundraising event to raise the funds to build our own network of alerts to reach a minimum of 20,000 people per text.

The platform costs $400 annually; $300 per 20,000 texts sent.

The goal being that the moment a child is MISSING, even when a runaway, a special needs' elopement, that we are assisting the family of that minor and providing support during the excruciating waiting period of reports and red tape.


We require all volunteers, Directors and adult participants to acquire and present LiveScan screenings to OurTown prior to completing the application process. This is a requirement; please do not proceed without this vital step in this process.

To find a LiveScan office near you, please entire "livescan in [your state]" into your search engine browser.

There are fees to process LiveScan. Please contact us right away if this cost is prohibitive to you helping our Program. 


This Mentorship Program Reports to a Director
Please submit your professional and volunteer resumes and references to action@ourtownfoundation.org with the subject: UNDERCEEJ

Two interviews required; Executive Director or Chairman of Governing Board and the Director of this Program; Skype or Zoom or in-person, if feasible. 


Once we get to this step, we ask that you take one FREE assessment & one FREE online courses:

The Tony Robbins DISC assessment is not a pass/fail - it is to ensure we match personalities to the best of our abilities for all involved in this project.

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN FREE DISC ASSESSMENT; takes approximately 15 minutes

Tim Ballard has a phenomenal organization and we believe in finding needs and filling needs, not reinventing the wheel. Please take this course 

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN OPERATION UNDERGROUND RESCUE'S SIGNS OF TRAFFICKING TRAINING COURSE"; if you're able, please consider making a donation to this course and Tim Ballard's Mission. 

Our current sponsor, through in-kind services and a hosted fundraising effort, of 100% of the profits from Merchandise Sold through the end of May is Hold My Beer Foundation.
We  need your  ongoing support.
Unfortunately, we have many youth to save.
donate to child rescue efforts near me